Thank you 2016- an overview

It’s been quite a year.. Thank you 2016 for being this sweet
A few highlights:
-The release of my debut album “Fly As We Fall”, which has been an intense and beautiful writing & recording process with my band. My drummer Philippe van Schil (Audio Brothers) produced the whole record and I could not be more happy about how things turned out for us
-A sold out album release show in Paradiso (bucket list- check!)
-The after shows of Adele in June
-The support shows of Paul Young in November
-Lots of living room concerts & festivals, each one special in it’s own way
-Several of my songs were used for syncs; including the song “Hey You” for the movie “Meester Kikker”.
On top of this; so many “smaller” things have happened as well (too many to post). But trust me, it’s all in the details. You can’t accomplish great things without making countless small steps. Steps that are sometimes invisible to the public eye or seem meaningless at that moment, but turn out to be priceless in the long run.
I wish everybody a great 2017, filled with love, laughter and music







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